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Be Berry Sweet

1984 Black Mare
Breeder: Millie Gray
AQHA Registration #:2231188

Show Record:

NRHA LTE: $709.07
Bronze Winner, Open, Youth and Non Pro earnings

Produce Record:
Izzy Fifty (1994 G by Lad's 50), NRHA LTE: $52.83
Smokes Berry Sweet (1997 M by Mr Smoken Eighty Six), NRHA LTE: $7,911
Dun Berry Flashy (2000 by Boggies Flashy Jac), NRHA LTE: $15
Custom Blackberry (2003 C by Custom Crome), NRHA LTE: $30,492
Custom Be Berry (2004 by Custom Crome), NRHA LTE: $1,140

      Blue Rock
    John Berry
      Lady Joe Tom
  Dun Berry
      Scooter Waggoner
    Fish's Streak
      Taffy Fish
Be Berry Sweet
      Leo San
    Leo San Hill
      Panzarita Hill
  Leo San Dunny
      Dunny D
  Sally Gooden H








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